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Business Growth Consulting

Everyone wants to grow their business. That’s great. Each and every entrepreneur, businessman, startup founder I meet, have some goals, big goals, high ambitions. That’s great.

NOT a single person says I want to grow slowly. That’s great!

That’s great. And I say this smiling.


Many of us, including you, do not have a clear roadmap on how to achieve growth, what are the key steps that you should not miss, EVER! You often miss the simple tricks, which are hard to learn when you are just starting up.

So these sessions are for you. IT will definitely help you scale up, be profitable, and grow at a pace, exactly based on what you have in mind. Let us see, How!?

The structure is very simple and effective. There will be 3 sessions, one hour each.

Session 1: Speak about your business

  1. My job is to listen, ask you a lot of questions
  2. We learn together about your business idea, services, products, anything and everything about your company.
  3. I love taking notes, so I will be doing that. You don’t have to write a single word, I always share all the notes, as they are important for you

Session 2: Goal Setting

  1. Now, the question turn into aspirations, we discuss where do you see your business
  2. All your dreams are great, but I tie those with your teams, services, way of working
  3. We discuss which of your offerings will bring more joy and will make your company profitable

Session 3: Analysis of 2 sessions, Content Calendar and 6 months strategy for growth

  1. IDEAS and most importantly, a foolproof plan to execute the ideas successfully
  2. Blue-print for content creation
  3. Tips and templates, for tracking your business, effective sales, how to cross-sell, up-sell your offerings

When we conclude the sessions, you will be getting an excel sheet with all the notes, action points, and a guideline to steer your business in the right direction.

These sessions are for budding entrepreneurs, small businesses, startups, or even for people who are thinking over an idea, and now want to take that BIG LEAP into the business world.

Points to be noted

  1. The sessions will be of 1hr each, conducted via zoom call, or any other form of video communication
  2. Full payment for the sessions is necessary when we book your 1st session slot.
  3. The 3 sessions will happen between 5 working days.
  4. The exercises, homework, or preparation tasks are given, must be completed before each session.
  5. In case, you want to meet me in person, and do the consultation in one-day, let us speak on the phone and decide what suits both of us.

Refund and Cancelation

Before the planned sessions start, I will refund 100% of the amount, and our commitment slips down to zero. Once the sessions start, no refund will be granted. (This means, even if you do 1 or 2 sessions, you won’t get any refund, even if you want to quit the third session.)

*All payment modes are available

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