About Me

soham sabnis blog

Entrepreneur. Storyteller.

I have been working on diverse projects, playing multiple roles. Here is a list of current projects.

  1. Pictures Personified – A travel and Photography Blog
  2. Photomitra.com – Independent freelance wedding photography + videography
  3. Digiwale – Digital Marketing Agency, Pune
  4. Checkin Story – A travel story sharing platform – we are close to the launch. Listen to our PODCAST
  5. Earn Blessings – Fundraising and helping NGOs through cycle rides. A non-profit initiative.
  6. BookHungama.com – Driving growth for leading ebook + Audiobook publisher, focus on regional language (Marathi for now). Heading operations and growth @ http://www.bookHungama.com

Side projects which bring me joy 🙂

  1. #GhodaCycleProject
  2. #PrismaJatra