About Me

soham sabnis blog

Entrepreneur. Storyteller.

I have been working on diverse projects, playing multiple roles. Here is a list of current projects.

  1. Photomitra.com – Independent freelance wedding photography + videography
  2. HandMade Productions – A production house for video content production. Ads for brands, Info-Documentaries, Short films and brand youtube channel video production
  3. Prose Publications – Book publication house | We are working with new authors, first-time authors, with a novel business model. If you wish to speak with us regarding your next book, please get in touch with me.
  4. Digiwale – Digital Marketing Agency, Pune
  5. Pula Ani Mandali – A passionate t-shirt company, we sell t-shirts with PL Deshpande Quotes

Youtube Growth for Following Channels :

  1. Dr. Urjita Kulkarni
  2. Chaitanya Gokhale
  3. Chefologix – Chef Bhushan

Side projects which bring me joy 🙂

  1. #GhodaCycleProject
  2. #newspapervaachu
  3. #PrismaJatra