It is always great to click  raptors… Lots of patience and seriously good equipment becomes necessary to shoot these species. In cities, Black kites (Pariah kites as referred in Eastern Pakistan east through tropical India and Sri Lanka to Indochina and Malay Peninsula. Resident.) are common species. Brahmny kites are found near water bodies(Inland and coastal waters). Black-shouldered kites are found in open scrub type of habitat. Each of the ‘kite’ is itself a very royal bird. Active when sun reaches midway in the sky. Hot air currents that move upwards are proficiently used by these species to maneuver through the air and thus save energy by flapping the wings less frequently. Black-shouldered kite—known as ‘Kapshi’ in marathi, has a typical hovering flight while black kite and brahmny kite enjoy the soaring! In India, the subspecies govinda shows large seasonal fluctuations with the highest numbers seen from July to October, after the Monsoons, and it has been suggested that they make local movements in response to high rainfall.


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