Soaked Happiness…

Raincoats, Umbrellas no doubt help to protect us from rain, but hold back Happiness when we soak in Rain! A nice, slow walk in rain is so pleasurable. Walking through greens, dark clouds gathering, over our head, little puddles tempting us to jump in it… Opening mouth wide open, we try to drink some FRESH RAIN water! Soaked in Happiness, we then search a little shade, with cutting chai and Kanda-bhaji (Onion Pakodas). Dripping shelter is so much more exciting than sitting in a car or watching rain from a french window… With no umbrellas, this monsoon, lets soak ourselves in Happiness!


6 thoughts on “Soaked Happiness…

  1. Shruti says:

    I opt for this one…..bcoz its only the rains that wash out your sorrowful tears and bring an one million smile on your face….


  2. Jui says:

    I agree to this….Just one rain, and u can see the nature too enjoying the happiness of soaking itself…i love the shades of green trees, it so refreshing and happy moment….


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