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World Cancer Day – I Dont want to celebrate

Cancer Day

The fact that we breathe… is a  proof of our existence. There is life, even when we sleep. The cells work relentlessly. They breathe too, they live their life too, complex as compared to our simple life, the cell-a true warrior. Unknown to how this hits some of us, we care not to think of it, every day. CANCER. Now, it’s at our doorstep, peeping and disturbing happy cells, at the cost of pain, anger, fear and denial of freedom.

She suffered from this uncertainty. She still is. Yet she smiles, she cares for all, she believes in emotions, she is our hero. She makes everyone around believe in making life worth living.

As i said, neither she nor we expected this. Cancer knocked the door. It opened a different life, the one which encourages depression. Her eyes said it all. We could only say – it’s going to be alright. She learnt to smile at this. Her first step of being strong, she smiled. Still does. How long is this journey? Cancer has the answer, we don’t.

Medicines took over her body. From being healthy to being slave to a stupid disease, she turned into a warrior. The chemotherapy cycled in, pedaling slowly, searching for affected cells, treating them, and allowing them to die. Yes, treatment was to kill cells. Yes. The pain was comfortable in a longer run. Her weight did not wait, neither her hair. After every chemo, she was being healthy, she looked smart, i admired her sharpness, her zeal for getting up, walking, her energy to smile back. I was baffled, I was stunned, surprised, astonished… I never told her this, but she was inspiring me. She still is.

I don’t know what is running in her mind, I don’t want to know, or may be I am not strong enough to understand it. But I know, she loves her life. She loves us. With her bald look, I wanted to click her, but never dared to ask. Determined eyes, distinct nose, graceful stare, her winning smile, I have captured it in my mind. Photographs, would have documented it, I denied documentation.

CANCER – she is strong enough to fight, so don’t bother her now. Go hide yourself. Many have kicked your butt, but you don’t budge. Nevertheless, you are coward, and take my word, we don’t give a damn to your existence. Life is awesome, don’t mess up!

To HER – I respect you. I always will. I admire you, I always will. Strength and Power to you…


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