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‘Pen’Full Story : Kale Pens…

One of the oldest pen manufactures from Pune. Even my grandfather has memories of he using kale pens (he is 81 today). Visited the shop today, a small, insignificant setup, near Dagdusheth Temple, Pune. When Parker, Lamy, Cardin and other brands are going big, Kale Pens doesnt seem to be doing any marketing activity. But, most punekars would know about Kale Pens.


They have 4 patterns/models of Pens to select. These look like Hero China Pens, plus some camlin pens. But, these were designed much before Hero did. If you notice the price, i am sure, you are going to smile. NEAT value for what you are spending. Though the plastic quality can be a turn down for many (not me)

Top 2 pens - Rs 30 Bottom 2 for 20 Rs each

Sample Pens – Top 2 pens – Rs 30 and 20; Bottom 2 for 20 and 30 Rs each

So after i selected the top model (in the pic above), the shopkeeper assembled the pen, refine filed it and inserted a nib. AND THE PEN WAS READY. Kale Ink is also super blue and smooth. But they dont sell it in a bottle , instead he handed a plastic bag packed with ink, nicely sealed. I carried it in my pocket and it was intact! PS – Ink Bag is for Rs 5! 


Here is the ink Bag – Rs 5!

Ink Bag - Blue

Ink Bag – Fresh Blue. It smells good too!


Look at the rates, and guarantee! This is the board outside the shop


Photo frame in this pic is Mr.Kale who started this business. Also, check the size of the shop. It is very very small

Their factory is in Kasba Peth , Pune. They manufacture and sell more than 200 pens in a month (this was told by the person working here. Couldn’t meet the owner today).  They do not sell at any other retail stationery shops. Customer base is students, Teachers from Pune, but more from near by villages. They also a give a guarantee card, which I didn’t get… that makes me enthusiastic to visit the shop once again!

So, A pen and ink bag would cost you 20+5 or 30+5. That’s it! Kale Pens are also known for  repairing old ink pens. I saw many fountain pens piled up (for repairing or might be scrapped).

All in all – A ‘Pen’Full Story!

SAD UPDATE : The shop and manufacturing is closed. You may see the shop open, but they dont have any stock.


23 thoughts on “‘Pen’Full Story : Kale Pens…

  1. Ajay says:

    Nice blog Soham. In a time when stationery products are expensive…good to hear of a manufacturer with a neat quality and affordable pricing.


  2. Rahul says:

    Hi Soham, Yesterday I told my daughter to visit this shop. She will visit in couple of days. I was using these pen in my school days. Thanks for your pics and blogs. WIll share with my daughter.


  3. Manish Sanghavi says:

    Hi Soham,
    Nice reading about Kale Pens once again. I used their pens when in school and was pleasantly surprised to note that they are in operation at exactly the same place. Brings back some good old memories of using fountain pens.
    Will most certainly visit them once again in a couple of days.


  4. alok says:

    मी आणि माझ्या ४ हि बहिणींनी ह्यांचे पेन वापरले आहेत. हे अतिशय उत्तम quality चे पेन बनवतात. काळे पेन्स हे आमच्या काळात ३० ते ४० रुपयान मध्ये मिळणाऱ्या chinies पेन पेक्षा खूपच सुरेख quality चे होते. काळे पेन्स ची निब अतिशय स्मूथ चालते. कधीही पेन्स च्या निब्सचा प्रोब्लेम आला नाही. मी सगळ्यांना हा पेन घेण्यासाठी सांगतो आणि सांगत राहीन कारण हा अतिशय सुरेख quality चा कमी पैशातील, सर्व वर्गातील लोकांना परवडेन असा पेन आहे. जो एका भारतीयाने बनिविला आहे. महागातले parker पेन्स खिशाला लावून फिरण्या पेक्षा मी हा पेन खिशाला लावून फिरणे पसंद करेन. कारण काळे पेन्स सारख्या एका भारतीय आणि पैशांच्या मानाने कुठेही quality मध्ये कमी न पडणाऱ्या लघु उद्योगाला वाढण्यासाठी हाथभार लावणे हे आपल्या सारख्या भारतीयांचे कर्तव्य आहे.


  5. Aniket says:

    माहितीबद्दल धन्यवाद. वाचून बरं वाटले कि कोणीतरी अजून पेनं बनवते पुण्यात. ह्या कम्प्युटर्स आणि स्मार्टफोन्स नी लिखाण जवळजवळ बंदच केलं आहे.


  6. Parag Rathi says:

    I have been using a KALE pen (second gray model in above photo) for more than past ten years or so. Till now never needed to change even the nib. The best pen I have ever used in my life.


  7. Mushtaq Dhariwala says:

    I will definitely come to your shop. It was a pleasure reading about your store. I wish all the best for years to come.


  8. sree says:

    have been using Kale Pens for 2 years. Gifted several of them to friends. Last time when I went there (Dec 2015), the owner said he had stopped the pen production. Sad


  9. Prashant Alegaonkar says:

    I used the pen throughout my school life. Soon visiting for my daughter in same fashion as my grandfather took me first in that shop when I entered in class V during 1984-85.


  10. Sandip says:

    I never thought that i will get any information about Kale Pens on internet. Thanks for writing nice blog. I had used Kale Pens my school days. Had some nice memories with it.
    Its very sad the shop is closed down.


  11. Sandeep Naik says:

    Can anyone provide me contact number of Mr. Kale of Kale Pens? I read somewhere on internet that they still sell their ink. I am a fountain pen lover and would like to try their ink.


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