MARCH marks the way to chirping of coel, the typical quiet woods and thirsty souls. On the other side we have summer blossom on its way and then we have color splash in the sky.


Do we hunt for shadows of a tree? Yes, we do! Gulmohar! THE tree which brings joy and Childhood memories.  Pangara! Indian coral tree paints the woods red! Onset of summer makes nature look so amazing, as if it is getting ready for the monsoon. Spring brings joy for welcoming summer.




Schools prepare for their last exam of the year, as kids wonder where to spend their summer vacations. Clouds move fast in the sky, the blue white color makes the sun shine hard. It’s the season for limbu pani, pepsi colas and street side barf ka gola!


Most of the birds, get busy in building their nests, it’s that time when they search for their soulmate. Busiest time for birds…


As I write this, I can hear coppersmith barbet, with its hollow puc puc puc , periodical! Have you seen this bird enter its nest? Very cautious.. very smart !

We can make sure we help thirsty creatures, like this



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