Reis Magos – A Must visit fort in Goa

You open Instagram, and see almost everyone visiting Goa thrice a year!!!

Beaches, Beer and … hahaha, lets not get there. Next time when you plan Goa trip, have Reis Magos in your To-Do list. A nice drive from Candolim beach – via nerul-panji road, takes you to the fort. It will be awesome treat for your camera and eyes too.

You will be surprised to see how well the fort is restored and maintained. Please spare enough time for this visit, rushing through the fort will make you miss it heavily.  Lets visit Reis Magos – with following pictures

Recommend this place to friends who are visiting goa, recently Mangesh, my friend visited and was amazed. Same way as this recommendation came in from Amrita | Do visit her site TRAVELING IDES OF MARCH

@Amrita_Dass this is superb. Thanks for sharing it…

— Soham (@sohamsabnis) August 19, 2015

For more information : Here is Fort Reis Magos site –

Here is the google map:



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