Master Craftsman : Prafullakumar Maharana

Patachitra – The art of engraving on Palm Leaves

On my way to Mahabalipuram, I stumbled upon a place called as DakshinaChitra – a very inviting structure and concept. DakshinChitra – is a well maintained space for showcasing dakshin i.e southern India with respect to culture, lifestyle, type of houses and art. Along with this, they also conduct various workshops for kids and adults. 

As I entered the place, this piece of art caught my attention. A person was engrossed in creating a detailed – classic art work.

Pattachitra is a general term for traditional, cloth-based scroll painting,[1] based in the eastern Indian state, Odisha.[2] In the Sanskrit language, “Patta” literally means “cloth” and “Chitra” means “picture”. Most of these paintings depict stories of Hindu deities.[3] 

Master Craftsman : Prafullakumar Maharana

Master Craftsman : Prafullakumar Maharana (Above image) | He regularly conducts workshops at DakshinaChitra

This art work needs patience and passion, it needs to be practiced for years so as to get to engrave on the leaves – says Prafullakumar.

The process is mentioned in the image below :


His small setup at Dakshinachitra has numerous art works, some of the as shown below :


How to reach DakshinaChitra

DakshinaChitra Museum,

East Coast Road, Muttukadu, Kanchipuram District Pin : 603 112

109( cut service),109,588,599. Any call taxi can be hired
Bus stop – MGM Dizzee world . 200 meters from MGM Dizzee world.

Note: Eatables not permitted to be brought inside the museum. Space provided beside the parking area to eat food.






First eBook Launch — Landsort : Island of Happiness

Let me thank…errr… Ok i am nervous! First ebook up on the internet was possible because of so many people. BUT more interesting stories are from Landsort itself.

I and Pratik Gandhi went to Stockholm, this in July 2016 for TBEX Europe . Landsort one day visit was a fam trip organized by the team and Visit Stockholm .

Morning, 9 o-clock the bus with 9 of us, was going to start off for Landsort! I to be very honest, had not read nor heard about the place. Almost, LIKE ALMOST we missed the bus. We were standing at the wrong place, and we saw a energetic young woman running around and asking people where is the bus! We said — HI and found out that she was one of the nine members joining for fam trip! Inma — she introduced! Three of us ran (read really fast) to reach to Radisson Blu Waterfront Congress centre , where our bus was waiting for us. Damn! We made it!!!

It was around 45mins ride by bus. Met Ajay Sood , who happened to be busy speaking with stockholm police. I was shocked to hear his gear being stolen 15mins before the bus start. Please note Ajay is a very renowned photographer. Oh lord — was the only reaction popped in my head. Other fellow bloggers were pep talking and we exchanged greetings as we reached a harbor. Next part of the journey was on boat!

Our boat taking us to the island
On our way
First Glimpse of the island

The island was BEAUTIFUL and that is what the eBook is all about. My 24hrs there and very special moments captured in the form of pictures. Let us go through some of the fun pictures with the Landsort Pre-Fam Gang!

Yes we all were hungry!
On our way to the lighthouse
Ake — who owns a beautiful resort there, taking us around the island

We stayed at this place — →

Ryan clicks selfie from top of the lighthouse
Heidi clicking Skye and Maria 🙂
Some people having fun, as seen from the top! We waived!
Ake explaining us importance of the Lighthouse — during the world war
Cute little ice-cream shop next the lighthouse.

We had a blast over here. People loved all the ice-creams — READ everyone ate atleast two! Many pictures and yes, snapchat too!

Pratik busy on Snapchat — Dont know what Inma was upto!
Skye enjoying ice-cream | Ajay is eyeing one , i guess
Ryan and Heidi discussing — well — viral posts 🙂
Skye Clicking his dream

We decided to take a walk back to the restaurant for lunch. ON the way SKYE said I HAVE A DREAM!

Post lunch FUN ride to see the cannon bunkers! Wohoo
Everyone listening to war stories
We enter the bunker
Our guide — retired brigadier sharing awesome stories

Here is a detailed post by Ajay Sood — Bofors Gun — The Inside Story

Me trying to click something in the mirror — inside the bunker.
Sitting inside the bofors — exact point from where we can shoot!
After a superb day out — time for dinner and some champagne . PS This is clicked at 8 pm
Dinner scenes 🙂
Great view before we headout for midnight coffee 🙂

Well, this is exactly what happens when I start sharing pictures of this this amazing trip. And hence the eBook! First eBook by Checkin Story | Many more to come. Hope you read the eBook on Landsort and share it with your friends! Keep Traveling, Keep sharing stories!

Here are the details of where you can buy:


Google Books

Book Hungama

Download BookHungama Reader App


Being writer for blind students

I remember, in 2012 I had written 2 papers for blind students. After that, somehow I lost connect with the help group, plus I didnt attempt to find contact details etc. This year, I found this message on twitter and decided to be part of this very nice Initiative by Saathi – an initiative to integrate students with blindness into the college main life. Read More Here or SAATHI Enabling Centre (Overview in PDF)

Thus, decided to share it with twitter friends, WA groups and FB etc.

I confirmed my availability for English, Marathi writing, Any day, Any timeslot. Based on this, had a call with Kirti Deo – who was coordinating for this initiative. Chalked out a schedule for 9 days. And this journey started – being writer for blind students. I wrote exams in Fergusson College, Pune and SP College, Pune


Instead of writing long observations and notes, would like to sum it up in points below

  • Blind students are absolutely motivated and their energy is way high than normal people like us
  • They need more support in ‘learning’ process
  • Many didn’t have access to audio notes, other study material
  • Blind students were happy to meet me, many exchanged good info on general life etc
  • All most everyone was well prepared and attempted all questions
  • They use public transport – as a routine, given that there are no special facilities for blind or disabled people, immense respect for all these students
  • Most of the students were focused and knew what they are going to do for a living, especially TYBA and MA students
  • Everyone smiled. Everyone SMILED

What can you do?

  • STOP cribbing. We crib a lot about so many things which dont matter.
  • Take out time – YES EVERYONE is busy, to help these folks
  • They are differently abled, if you spend more time with them, you would be far better human being
  • Please dont expect monitory benefits – there was a message on WA group, of some writer asking for ‘payment’ on writing paper.
  • These experiences have great value in LIFE. Please help needy
  • Dont just share it on social media, go out and work by making some time

Here is the timeline for the writing schedule. Hope to see you next time in one of the examination hall.


Music on the Streets

How often we miss things that happen around us. We have learned to be busy, by working more and ignoring art, which really makes us humans. During my recent short visit to Stockholm and Munich, I experienced a different urban life than in India.

Here is a short compilation of music on streets. Nothing beats the happiness when you experience such things on busy streets where people stop by and smile, appreciate and clap! God bless all the artists who bring joy in today’s chaotic world around us! Hope you enjoy this video…

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Shadows and Cities

I love shadows of people, trees, objects – Cities!

Somehow, they make me think. Especially on busy streets, it is fun to click pictures against the sun. They don’t tell you if the person is rich, poor, black or white.

They are shadows! Isn’t that the reflection of human beings?