Basking, Butterflies

Silverstreak Blue…

Treasure that Nature wraps up is just amazing! Same thing happened, the closed wing Silverstreak doesnt look very impressive. But I clicked it, because I wasnt having its snap. This is clicked over a car top, early in the morning @ Lohagad fort. Warm rays of sun were helping me in clicking! As it was basking, I was sure that I can manage some nice angles as the butterfly wasnt in hurry at all. Gradually, it started opening its wings! WOW! Amazed by the colors it was displaying, I watched it for a moment. And then enjoyed clicking all the stages of WING OPENING program.

Early morning is the best time to shoot butterflies as they spend leisure time basking and thus warm their blood in sun rays. Once charged, they make you run like a rabbit behind them to get a decent snap!



Location: Taljai Tekdi (Sahakarnagar, Pune).

Time: 09:00 a.m

This little creature was enjoying the sun,  basking in sunshine! Being cold blooded, it needs to warm up its body in the sun. As it was ‘charging up’, I got a chance to click various angles and the Garden Lizard enjoyed being a MODEL for my shoot. When I left, model too packed up, and left the set…may be to catch some HEALTHY FOOD!