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Even Crows look good….

CROWS! We dont like crows, we cant avoid them. SIDHAA SAADHAA bird! I remember P.L Deshpande’s story about crows in PAALIV PRANI. Crow makes it to the top of, ‘the most annoying bird list’ in cities. Color, song of its own, feathers.. crow has nothing of this! Yet, Crows look beautiful, isnt it?

Spread the Wings…

Most interesting snap lately. I approached this fella, clicking various shots… As if it was my studio and this Green Bee Eater was posing for me. Least bothered, bee eater lived its LIFE. I heard the bird saying— ” You wanna click me, ehh..go ahead mate! Wait, Who are you? Photographer? Blah…” with a quick pause, bee eater said “Bro, Spread the until you are tired! Dont wait for anyone, neither am I going to wait for ya”

Within a flash it flew away…leaving behind a very awesome image, and a golden thought – Spread the Wings…

They Need YOU this SUMMER!

They? YES! Birds, Squirrels are struggling to find water and the Sun is shining Bright! So we all can help these very innocent creatures by keeping a cup of water in balconies, windows, gardens and help to quench their thirst!I have placed 6 water-bowls and have already seen Bulbuls, Ashy wrens, Crows, Greater coucals (Bharatdhwaj), Squirrels hurriedly enjoying WATER! It is easy, less time consuming and the satisfaction that you will get is extremely intangible! For any Help needed please feel free to give me a call — PHONE NO: 99923409300 .


1. Place the Bowl at a height so as to protect birds from cat/dog attacks.

2. Make sure that the bird has a perch to land on.

3. Tie the bowls firmly so that it doesnt topple when bird is drinking water.

4. Keep a check on water level : Fill in the bowls twice a day, it is sufficient.

5. Enjoy watching these little fellows drink water.



It is always great to click  raptors… Lots of patience and seriously good equipment becomes necessary to shoot these species. In cities, Black kites (Pariah kites as referred in Eastern Pakistan east through tropical India and Sri Lanka to Indochina and Malay Peninsula. Resident.) are common species. Brahmny kites are found near water bodies(Inland and coastal waters). Black-shouldered kites are found in open scrub type of habitat. Each of the ‘kite’ is itself a very royal bird. Active when sun reaches midway in the sky. Hot air currents that move upwards are proficiently used by these species to maneuver through the air and thus save energy by flapping the wings less frequently. Black-shouldered kite—known as ‘Kapshi’ in marathi, has a typical hovering flight while black kite and brahmny kite enjoy the soaring! In India, the subspecies govinda shows large seasonal fluctuations with the highest numbers seen from July to October, after the Monsoons, and it has been suggested that they make local movements in response to high rainfall.

Lost In Dark!!!

As Quoted by TAILOR BIRD!!!

Sun went down too quickly, and I could find my way back to the nest!!! I saw a source of light, and with a hope to reach to my young ones I entered a VERY UNKNOWN AND HUGE house, and found out that there was this Artificial source of light-Tube light! I got scared, confused and was desperate to get out of this MAYAJAAL! Restless and tired I rested for a while… Suddenly something happened…someone switched off the light and I blindly followed the other light sources which I could see…I was back to the sky…In search of my HOME… I was… LOST IN DARK!!!

(Photo : Soham Sabnis)

Woodshrike in the ‘Woods’

Location: Sinhgad Valley.

Time: Early afternoon

Common Woodshrike says:  “Hello! If you observe me closely, I am sitting on my nest…. High up on a tree, I cant leave the nest as Predators are hovering already. Open Beak suggests that I am thirsty… Its very HOT out here. I am incubating / protecting 2 little eggs.. I am really worried.. but i very well understand NATURES RULE: SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST! “

Stare @ Humans!

Found this owlet near my house…Natural home of these species is the BARN in tree, but unfortunately we are making them homeless!It will be great, if we can understand the Pain, Anger in the STARE!!!!

The eyes are saying so much…craving for trees, waiting to return to their HOMES….

We are neglecting this, and are denying  them the BASIC need…SHELTER!