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Shadows and Cities

I love shadows of people, trees, objects – Cities!

Somehow, they make me think. Especially on busy streets, it is fun to click pictures against the sun. They don’t tell you if the person is rich, poor, black or white.

They are shadows! Isn’t that the reflection of human beings?










Maintain your Worshiping Tempo…

India , land of Gods! People worship various forms of god! Atheists find it difficult to match upto the godly behavior, overall. Saw this vehicle, near shivdarshan chowk, Pune. A Mobile Temple!

Shraddha and Saburi – DaanPeti – Datta – Prasad Vaati – Flowers – Bhagwa Flag —> Keeps up the Tempo!

Maintaining your Worshiping Tempo…is a tricky bargain!

Set the right 'Tempo' for your Prayers!

Set the right ‘Tempo’ for your Prayers!

World Post Day

Today is World Post Day – जागतिक टपाल दिन ! One person which makes this system working is the Postman. On this occasion, clicked a pic with postman in Pune. His name is Kiran Kokane, working in Indian Postal service for 18 years now. His native place is Manchar, in Maharashtra (India).

He was aware about today being World Post Day, and he was happy to be clicked.

Me and Postman kaka

Me and Postman kaka


Thanks Udit, for capturing this moment.


For all Pu La fans, here is the link to Majhe Paustik Jeevan – a story on Post!

Bioscope…A lost memory

Sunday afternoon is a movie time. Me and Kaustubh , saw a different movie today. We saw this guy coming with a huge box which has cinema in it. Till he had lunch, we were in queue. I had never seen such a movie, was curious to see what is the mystery, why kids run this man (use to, now with computer games and multiplexes etc this is passé)

Waiting for OUR HERO to finish his lunch and set his  SHOW!

Waiting for OUR HERO to finish his lunch and set the SHOW!

The show started! I saw ads cut from newspaper, right from Priyanka Chopra at some opening ceremony, Movie ads in newspaper, some news (in marathi). I initially thought that isnt it a great idea to show ads before the movie begins, but after the ads, there was no movie! 

As I watched he played some music. The show got over in about 40 secs. All I paid is Rs 10!

Me watching Ads (CInema). He moves a handle which allows a paper to roll over and I could see frames changing! Pretty much like a reel!

Me watching Ads (CInema). He moves a handle which allows a paper to roll over and I could see frames changing! Pretty much like a reel!

Kaustubh Watching - And he says ---> Cinemascope... this thing is still there in city.. small thing but happy to see it's still there.. sure this wld not be there to be seen by my kid..

Kaustubh Watching – And he says —> Cinemascope… this thing is still there in city.. small thing but happy to see it’s still there.. sure this wld not be there to be seen by my kid..

Now it was kaustubhs’ turn to  watch the same movie! Soon, we pulled some crowd for him, few more joined in this NEW way (actually a very old way) of watching cinema.

His name is Shahnawaaj. Age – close to 70, his eyes had visible cataract. We were at Sahakarnagar and he lives near Dandekar pool (Pune), so he walks few kms everyday,carrying this machine, spreading joy!

Kaustubh clicks Shahnawaaj, Me, Cinemascope machine and Gudiya - see that doll!

Kaustubh clicks Shahnawaaj, Me, Cinemascope machine and Gudiya – see that doll!

Photos & Video by Kaustubh Hinge , while he watched, I was the cameraman!

Check out the video


Pu La Deshpande…

Purushottam Laxman Deshpande (8 November 1919 – 12 June 2000)

तुम्ही स्वर्गात करता, त्या कथाकथनाची CD जरा पृथ्वीवर पाठवा ना!

Right Option…

Isnt it confusing when you have 2 options!???

Option 1– If u select this you don’t get the other tempting option( or you had that option too frequently!)

Option 2– If you choose this, you have to choose Option 1 in near future!

Comparing Coffee Cups!

I may sit at Costa Coffee (and i love that place n coffee), but i clicked these handsome looking CCD cups! The red base is natural, which i expanded as a complete border. CCC at CCD should have been the blog tittle!

Costa it is! WHY?


Why Costa?

GREAT coffee – Super PLACE – Awesome CONVERSATIONS – Excellent place for MEETINGS – Good staff – AMAZING creative vibes – On my way – Cool Stop-by – *PEACE*

PS: The girl in the snap always sips coffee with me… I AM NEVER ALONE in Costa  🙂


As I See…

Went to click butterflies this Saturday. But little showers, less sunlight and my bad luck allowed me to experiment with flowers and my spectacles, instead of shooting butterflies. When I clicked this one, a story weaved in, personifying the picture. How important and amazing it is to understand that every object is seen differently by each and every individual. Everyone has a distinct opinion, all see the same object but perceive it differently! Here is how I See…


Nothing beats, to be alone! Thats the point when our Soul steps out and starts walking… we rarely turn back. We dont fight. We walk in exactly opposite direction. Have you ever felt this? This is the time when life turns… routine starts evolving and it becomes most dynamic. Your mind isnt tired at all! You wake up…Body tries to catch your SOUL.. Dream run begins.. Leading to YOUR ultimate goal! TAKE MY SOUL AWAY…

Spread the Wings…

Most interesting snap lately. I approached this fella, clicking various shots… As if it was my studio and this Green Bee Eater was posing for me. Least bothered, bee eater lived its LIFE. I heard the bird saying— ” You wanna click me, ehh..go ahead mate! Wait, Who are you? Photographer? Blah…” with a quick pause, bee eater said “Bro, Spread the until you are tired! Dont wait for anyone, neither am I going to wait for ya”

Within a flash it flew away…leaving behind a very awesome image, and a golden thought – Spread the Wings…

Water from Heavens…


Just when summer is around, sudden cloudy weather, surprising drizzle made me post this. Water, life, rain, whatever we may call.. I think reluctance and anxiousness blends nicely, as it rains! Droplets race their way, fighting with gravity, fighting with air… hitting a puddle strong! In no time, rain drops are a part of puddle..gaining another identity moving ahead to become a part of river, a sea or may be dry out, moistening roots of a massive  tree.

Boy, u need to focus!

Dry yellow grass, soft golden sunlight, serene blue sky and almost a full moon! Rare composition in one frame.

For me, the image says – Boy, u need to focus! First on your short term objectives, followed by focus on larger aim in life.


Vintage Sunrise…


Sunrise is always treat to watch… ‘Vintage Sunrise’ tittle emerged from a thought, which  mingled in my  mind since i clicked this image (week back) – Every sunrise becomes old, vintage the time when sun rays touch earth,the next day!

(Clicked @ Pashan Lake, Pune. 19th December 2010.)



I love to watch the setting sun..

Sky pushing the light away, the sun resists the downfall, apparent enough to welcome CALM NIGHT, helping the moon to show off its cool nature.

Sunset is special, it is significant for the day that is ending and for the  new day to begin…


This little spider, spins thick web thread along its paired legs ( 4 pairs). A clever self defense, as the SIGNATURE  makes the spider look bigger in size…(thick part of the web—zigzag…looks like a signature). In the above pic, spider is half way down in signing off….

Everyone has a non-identical  SIGNATURE, lets make sure that we put OUR signature to whatever we do in Life. Its unique, and it has Valuable Identity.

Soaked Happiness…

Raincoats, Umbrellas no doubt help to protect us from rain, but hold back Happiness when we soak in Rain! A nice, slow walk in rain is so pleasurable. Walking through greens, dark clouds gathering, over our head, little puddles tempting us to jump in it… Opening mouth wide open, we try to drink some FRESH RAIN water! Soaked in Happiness, we then search a little shade, with cutting chai and Kanda-bhaji (Onion Pakodas). Dripping shelter is so much more exciting than sitting in a car or watching rain from a french window… With no umbrellas, this monsoon, lets soak ourselves in Happiness!

Pill Millipede..

Many years back I came across this creature on tekdi.. But never tried to find its name.. In our zoology lab, we tried to open up the creature by various means, but failed! This picture is shot at fort Purandar, and this time I was determined to search out its name, and found that its called as Pill Millipede.. it feeds on litter in forest and turns into a PILL on touched.. the defense mechanism is truly amazing! Mechanism if extended to human beings, even we roll ourselves into a shell in unfavorable conditions or are ignorant to unknown things…Just as I was, to find out that THIS BEAUTIFUL CREATURE IS CALLED PILL MILLIPEDE, for 5 long years…


Pouring rains are  treat to watch with a cup of coffee… but for people out there who soak in rains to earn money, its very difficult period. Clicked this one in Bhimashankar temple, the lady was selling some ayurvedic medicinal plants from the forest near the temple. As soon as rain started I rushed under a shade, while she was busy saving her Business.

Alone in a Darkened Light!

In this chaotic, dynamic world that we live, it becomes difficult to find time for yourself.  It is rare in our routine, where we sit alone..watching a setting sun, or on river banks, or a shadow of a tree. We are busy talking with people around, thus we spare no time to have a chat with oneself! A darkening Light is the classic blend of hope and uncertainty! So try being ‘Alone in a Darkened Light!’