Colors MARCH marks the way to chirping of coel, the typical quiet woods and thirsty souls. On the other side we have summer blossom on its way and then we have color splash in the sky.   Do we hunt for shadows of a tree? Yes, we do! Gulmohar! THE tree which brings joy and Childhood memories.  Pangara! Indian coral tree paints the woods red! … Continue reading Colors

Auroville – A village for souls

Shed off that pride of being an Indian, Russian, a Punekar, or a proud to be Mumbaikar! We react very slowly as humans, we react as a person. Certainly and obviously so. I stepped in Auroville boundary, and the space changed me. I was more quiet, more receptive, thoughtful. The best part was, I was alone. So I discussed the charm of the place, love … Continue reading Auroville – A village for souls