Perfect camera…

WARNING- I am not promoting any camera brand, this blog post has my views on selecting a camera.

Perfect Camera

There is nothing called as a perfect camera. So its important to find, select and buy a camera which is perfect for you! Lets take a quick look at some parameters

Purpose Vs Price
Need to figure out why I want to buy a camera?

    1. Amateur photographer & Beginner
    2. Want to have one
    3. Peer Pressure
    4. Want to have AN SLR just for the sake of it

The last option is the most dangerous one. Please don’t buy SLR just because it is cheaper and all your friends have it.  For people who will not use camera except for trips with friends, or during family get-together, I would suggest go for high-end point&shoot cameras.

Advantages of Point&Shoot 

    1. Very easy to carry
    2. No need to change lens
    3. Excellent image quality
    4. One time investment
    5. No need to buy range of lenses

Here are some good options


Deciding your budget is very important. In fact that’s the first thing to be sorted out. AND based on the purpose, please manage the budget. The table below gives a summary of cameras available in different price ranges

Price Range Type of Camera Features
8000-10,000 Basic P&S Less use, easy to use, easy to carry
10,000-15,000 Decent P&S Normal use, easy t carry, good images
15,000-25,000 High End-P&S perfect for heavy use, yet not professional
25,000-35,000 SLR beginners Buy these if your usage is heavy, and you know your style
35,000 and above SLR range Amateur photographers

Some Key points for SLR buyers

    1. SLR come with a kit lens 18mm-55mm (generally)
    2. There are some offers(mostly in US) where kit lens is 28-135mm and/or 18-55mm
    3. For a longer range, you need to buy lenses
    4. When you know your style, you need to choose correct lenses, which suit and enhance your photo style
    5. IF you are going to click less frequently, please buy high-end Point&Shoot


There are 2 group of photographers fighting over which brand is good. Believe me, with the kind of competition persists between camera makers, no brand could afford a sub-standard quality.The difference, obviously is between the ease of controlling settings, while clicking. This point shouldn’t affect your decision to buy a camera, as it is influenced by model which you use. Do not pay  much attention to such discussions.

Do you need accessories?

  • The basic accessories are covered in the price, which include camera bag, screen guards, chargers, memory card etc.
  • Tripod, hood, UV filters – Are not must have accessories, but are good to have.

Some important links for camera comparison:

Where to buy?

  • If you are buying SLRs – I would recommend authorized dealers
  • For lenses – authorized dealers

Hope this helps you to select a PERFECT camera. Happy Clicking


4 thoughts on “Perfect camera…

  1. anambhatkya says:

    Nice post Soham.
    Can you cover a recent trend of mirrorless camera as well?
    What it is, how good or bad it is for SLR enthusiast and what will be the recommendation.

    Also some basics about comparing SLR will be helpful.


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