Even Crows look good….

CROWS! We dont like crows, we cant avoid them. SIDHAA SAADHAA bird! I remember P.L Deshpande’s story about crows in PAALIV PRANI. Crow makes it to the top of, ‘the most annoying bird list’ in cities. Color, song of its own, feathers.. crow has nothing of this! Yet, Crows look beautiful, isnt it?



This little spider, spins thick web thread along its paired legs ( 4 pairs). A clever self defense, as the SIGNATURE¬† makes the spider look bigger in size…(thick part of the web—zigzag…looks like a signature). In the above pic, spider is half way down in signing off….

Everyone has a non-identical  SIGNATURE, lets make sure that we put OUR signature to whatever we do in Life. Its unique, and it has Valuable Identity.