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Wadeshwar – Digital Way

SMS Token for reserving your seat at Wadeshwar, FC road Pune, was surprising to me on this Sunday. But the way it is being implemented is welcoming. It was their first day, and yes we were the guinea pigs! (as stated by @wadeshwar on twitter)

The best thing is, you can now reserve your seat in Wadeshwar via SMS as you leave your house, so by the time you reach, table is yours!

Below are some screenshots of SMS interaction.

Please note the time gap between the 2 messages. This was quick and smooth. The system is implemented by TokenJunction.

The third pic, is how Wadeshwar is using social media to connect with their customers. Happy to see this change, in the world where engagement with customer is the key.

What I think, Wadeshwar should monitor via SMS Token system:

1. Footfall at various hours on varied days (based on which food planning can happen)

2. Time taken for serving a table, also based on how many people sitting on the table

3. Frequent customers – hour/day specific.

PS: Wadeshwar, MUST accept cards for payment. That’s the digital Way!