Master Craftsman : Prafullakumar Maharana

Patachitra – The art of engraving on Palm Leaves

This art work needs patience and passion, it needs to be practiced for years so as to get to engrave on the leaves – says Prafullakumar. Continue reading Patachitra – The art of engraving on Palm Leaves


Auroville – A village for souls

Shed off that pride of being an Indian, Russian, a Punekar, or a proud to be Mumbaikar! We react very slowly as humans, we react as a person. Certainly and obviously so. I stepped in Auroville boundary, and the space changed me. I was more quiet, more receptive, thoughtful. The best part was, I was alone. So I discussed the charm of the place, love … Continue reading Auroville – A village for souls

Maintain your Worshiping Tempo…

India , land of Gods! People worship various forms of god! Atheists find it difficult to match upto the godly behavior, overall. Saw this vehicle, near shivdarshan chowk, Pune. A Mobile Temple! Shraddha and Saburi – DaanPeti – Datta – Prasad Vaati – Flowers – Bhagwa Flag —> Keeps up the Tempo! Maintaining your Worshiping Tempo…is a tricky bargain! Continue reading Maintain your Worshiping Tempo…