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Water from Heavens…


Just when summer is around, sudden cloudy weather, surprising drizzle made me post this. Water, life, rain, whatever we may call.. I think reluctance and anxiousness blends nicely, as it rains! Droplets race their way, fighting with gravity, fighting with air… hitting a puddle strong! In no time, rain drops are a part of puddle..gaining another identity moving ahead to become a part of river, a sea or may be dry out, moistening roots of a massive  tree.

They Need YOU this SUMMER!

They? YES! Birds, Squirrels are struggling to find water and the Sun is shining Bright! So we all can help these very innocent creatures by keeping a cup of water in balconies, windows, gardens and help to quench their thirst!I have placed 6 water-bowls and have already seen Bulbuls, Ashy wrens, Crows, Greater coucals (Bharatdhwaj), Squirrels hurriedly enjoying WATER! It is easy, less time consuming and the satisfaction that you will get is extremely intangible! For any Help needed please feel free to give me a call — PHONE NO: 99923409300 .


1. Place the Bowl at a height so as to protect birds from cat/dog attacks.

2. Make sure that the bird has a perch to land on.

3. Tie the bowls firmly so that it doesnt topple when bird is drinking water.

4. Keep a check on water level : Fill in the bowls twice a day, it is sufficient.

5. Enjoy watching these little fellows drink water.