Being writer for blind students

I remember, in 2012 I had written 2 papers for blind students. After that, somehow I lost connect with the help group, plus I didnt attempt to find contact details etc. This year, I found this message on twitter and decided to be part of this very nice Initiative by Saathi – an initiative to integrate students with blindness into the college main life. Read More Here or SAATHI Enabling Centre (Overview in PDF)

Thus, decided to share it with twitter friends, WA groups and FB etc.

I confirmed my availability for English, Marathi writing, Any day, Any timeslot. Based on this, had a call with Kirti Deo – who was coordinating for this initiative. Chalked out a schedule for 9 days. And this journey started – being writer for blind students. I wrote exams in Fergusson College, Pune and SP College, Pune


Instead of writing long observations and notes, would like to sum it up in points below

  • Blind students are absolutely motivated and their energy is way high than normal people like us
  • They need more support in ‘learning’ process
  • Many didn’t have access to audio notes, other study material
  • Blind students were happy to meet me, many exchanged good info on general life etc
  • All most everyone was well prepared and attempted all questions
  • They use public transport – as a routine, given that there are no special facilities for blind or disabled people, immense respect for all these students
  • Most of the students were focused and knew what they are going to do for a living, especially TYBA and MA students
  • Everyone smiled. Everyone SMILED

What can you do?

  • STOP cribbing. We crib a lot about so many things which dont matter.
  • Take out time – YES EVERYONE is busy, to help these folks
  • They are differently abled, if you spend more time with them, you would be far better human being
  • Please dont expect monitory benefits – there was a message on WA group, of some writer asking for ‘payment’ on writing paper.
  • These experiences have great value in LIFE. Please help needy
  • Dont just share it on social media, go out and work by making some time

Here is the timeline for the writing schedule. Hope to see you next time in one of the examination hall.